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Manufacture Your Printed Circuit Boards With Confidence

xCheck analyzes PCB designs created with ExpressPCB and ExpressSCH, identifying problems that should be fixed before manufacturing the board

Major Features
  • Easy to use
  • PCB error checking detects shorts, opens, and other connection errors
  • Configurable 16-point DRC (Design Rules Check)
  • Schematic error checking
  • Adds missing "no connect" feature to schematic
  • Presets for all ExpressPCB board manufacturing services
  • View, copy, or print any of six different reports
  • Creates Bill of Materials
  • Creates netlist
  • Supports analysis of designs with multiple netlists tied together
  • Includes extensive documentation with tutorial and examples
  • Free download! Not crippled or time-limited version

  • ExpressPCB and ExpressSch are great tools that are easy to use, but they lack the ability to perform most of these checks. xCheck provides these missing features to give you confidence that your design is ready to be manufactured.

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